Kumu.io and Kumu Enterprise

We offer two Kumu products: Kumu.io and Kumu Enterprise.

Kumu.io is the online version—you can sign up at any time online for a free account. Kumu Enterprise has the same software and features as Kumu.io under the hood, but you can keep your activity fully separate and isolated from the activity of everyone who uses Kumu.io.

Which product is right for me?

Kumu Enterprise is the right choice for teams that are working with highly sensitive data and need deep control over how it's secured—more control than you get when uploading data to Kumu.io. Enterprise versions are also a great option for teams that are legally required to store their data in a specific geographic location (Kumu.io stores data across the world).

To get started with Kumu Enterprise and learn more about its security features, please visit our Enterprise website here.

If you need help with installing, configuring, or upgrading your Enterprise version, see our full Enterprise guides.

For anyone who doesn't have these higher security needs, Kumu.io will be a much more streamlined, and a just as powerful option.

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