How do I adjust arrow size?

If the default arrow size isn't to your liking you can use the following properties to customize the arrow size:

  • arrow-min-width

  • arrow-min-height

  • arrow-width

  • arrow-height

These properties can be used within @settings or within a connection decoration rule in the Advanced Editor. Generally you'll want to set arrow-min-width and arrow-min-height to 0 if you're sizing arrows manually.

@settings {
  arrow-min-width: 0;
  arrow-min-height: 0;
  arrow-width: 5;
  arrow-height: 3;

NOTE: both arrow-width and arrow-height are multiplied against the connection width so take that into consideration when setting the values.

Arrow offset

You can also increase the offset between the element and the connection to make the arrow more distinctive. To do so, add this code to your advanced editor:

element {
  margin: 10;

You can change the number 10 to any other number to increase/decrease the space between element and arrow.

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