How do I add arrows to my connections?

Arrows can't be added to connections if you're using the SNA template.

If you want to add arrows to your connections to specify direction, here are a couple ways to do so:

For a single connection

  • Select the connection.

  • Click "Directed" to add a connection arrow, and "Mutual" to add an arrow on each side.

For all connections

  • Press Shift + C on your keyboard to select all connections.

  • Click "Directed" to add arrows to all connections.

For a specific group of connections

  • Use the selector builder to select the connections that you want to change, based on the information in their profiles.

  • Click "Directed" to add arrows to your selected connections.

For imported connections and connections created by clustering

If your connections are imported from Excel, imported from a remote source (Google Sheets or a JSON blueprint), or created by clustering, you can add arrows by changing the default map settings:

  • Click Default connection direction

  • Choose Directed to add arrows to one end, and choose Mutual to add arrows to both ends

You can also add arrows to imported connections if you include a direction field in your import file (for example, by adding a new spreadsheet column titled direction). In that field, you can use one of the following values (must be entered in all lowercase letters):

  • directed

  • undirected

  • mutual

When you're imported from a connected Google Sheet or JSON blueprint, you can only choose one connection direction. All of the connections in your map will have that same direction.

Kumu recognizes connection direction from your spreadsheet import (From and To columns in your connections sheet) or the direction you draw the connection by hand. This connection direction determines which way arrows point when you specify a "directed" connection.

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