How do I hide elements without connections?

Elements without any connections are called "orphans" and might sometimes distract from your main map.

To hide orphans in your map, use the ignore-orphans property in the @settings block to automatically filter out any elements that have no connections. Possible values for this property are true or false.

@settings {
    ignore-orphans: true;

Dynamic hiding of orphans

With a control You might not always want to hide the orphans in your map. To add a handy control to your map that toggles orphans on and off whenever needed, add this code to your advanced editor:

@controls {
 top {
 filter {
  target: :orphan;
  as: label;

  option {
    selector: *;
    default: true;
    label: "Hide elements without connections";

To adjust the location or aesthetic of your control, visit the Controls guide.

Automatic If you want the hiding of orphans to be a bit more automatic, simply add filter-ignore-orphans: true; to your @settings { block and Kumu will automatically ignore orphans when you activate your filter. It'll look like this:

@settings {
filter-ignore-orphans: true;

One caveat: this "automatic" way to ignore orphans only works on elements that were never connected in the first place. Any elements that do have connections when the filter isn’t activated will not be filtered out.

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