How do I make sense of my receipt?

Most of the time, your monthly Kumu receipt will be very straightforward, listing the number of private projects you own, and the total charge they incur.

But, if you add or remove multiple private projects in a single billing period, our system creates receipts that can be confusing! This guide will help you make sense of those confusing receipts.

The most important thing to know is that any time you add or remove private projects, our system will take two actions:

  • Give you a pro-rated credit for all the private projects you previously had

  • Incur a pro-rated debit for the new total number of private projects

Credits appear on your receipt as "Unused time on private projects after [the date you removed the private project]". Debits appear as "Remaining time on private projects after [the date you removed the private project]".

Here's how the invoice pictured above was produced:

  1. The customer started their monthly billing period on May 27 with three private projects inside a Pro workspace. The total charge, paid on May 27, was $70 ($20 for each project, and $10 for the base Pro workspace fee).

  2. On June 19, the customer removed one private project. Immediately after that happened, our system added "Unused time on 3 × Private projects" (i.e., the time that was already paid for) and credited $14.93. It also created a corresponding item for "Remaining time on 2 x Private projects" (i.e. the time left for the two remaining private projects) and debited $9.95.

  3. Later that same day, the customer removed another private project. Our system repeated the process of crediting for two projects and debiting for one remaining project.

  4. On June 27, our system created the new charges for the upcoming month, which included the remaining private project and the base Pro workspace fee.

  5. Adding up all the credits, debits, and next month's charges resulted in a total invoice of $20.05.

Hopefully, that example illustrates the basic concepts! But if you ever have trouble making sense of a receipt, don't hesitate to email us at

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