How do I change font size?

The quickest way to change font size on your map is through the default view settings menu.

  1. Click Customize defaults, scroll down to the Font defaults section, and use the slider to adjust your view's base font size.

This solution is quick, but not the most flexible. Your font size changes will apply to everything on the map, and you're constrained to a maximum font size of 60 and a minimum font size of 1.

For a more flexible solution, you can use the Advanced Editor to set the font-size property directly.

One way to do that is in the @settings block:

@settings { 
  font-size: 100;

This gives you precise control over the font size—you can change the 100 to any positive number. However, this solution still applies your font size to everything on the map.

If you want to change the font size for a specific group of elements and connections, you can use any selectors:

element { 
  font-size: 75;

The code snippet above will only change the font size for elements, but will leave connections and loops at the default font size.

For more information on how to change the element selector to something even more specific (for example, just the elements whose Element Type is "Organization"), see our full guide on selectors.

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