Excel / CSV

After you've structured your data, save your spreadsheet file with either the .xlsx or .csv extension (Kumu doesn't support the .xls file extension).

Then, you can import that file into Kumu in two different ways:

1) Simply drag and drop the file onto the map's canvas.


2) Click the green + button at the bottom of your map, select Import, and click "Select .xslx file" (this button works for .csv files as well). Then click "Import spreadsheet".

Either way, you'll have the option to review the import before finalizing to double-check that everything imported correctly. After you review the import, just click save, and you're all set!

Get your hands dirty! Find some example data sets, and their accompanying maps, in our public data samples folder.

Seeing errors during your Excel import? You can use the common pitfalls section of this guide to help troubleshoot.

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