Label templates

When you're working with a map that displays labels for elements, connections, or loops, Kumu will only display the text in the Label field by default. If you want to include other fields in the label, label templates can help you do that.

Label templates are customized through the Advanced Editor, using a simple syntax.

selector {
    label: "{{Field name}}";

Replace selector with any valid selector, and replace Field name with the name of any of your fields. Remember to wrap each field name in double curly brackets {{}} and wrap the entire label value in double quotes.

Some field types will give unwanted results when used as label templates. If a field type is set to text, url or e-mail, you'll either get an error or find HTML code being added to your labels on the map. For example, the "Description" field is set to type "text" by default, and can't be changed to another type. In that case, please use a different field for your label template and make sure the Type is set to either string, number, currency or date.

For example, below is the code for an element label that includes the label and element type.

element {
    label: "{{label}} {{element type}}";

When using the Type field in label templates, you need to specify whether it is Element Type, Connection Type, or Loop Type. For example, use {{connection type}}

when adding Type to a connection's popover.

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