My Kumu embed is not working. What can I do?

Below you can find some troubleshooting tips for when you've tried to embed a Kumu map on your website, but it's not loading or giving an error.

First things first: let's investigate whether the embed link is working at all. Click on the embed link that you received from Kumu and see if it loads correctly. If it does, we'll know that we need to take a look at the website builder where the map is being embedded. Continue to the next section. If it doesn't, you can contact to have us check the embed link.

Did you copy+paste the entire embed code correctly?

This is an easy one: make sure you copied the entire embed code from Kumu and that it's pasted in the correct place of your website builder. You can find the embed code in a grey box below the embed link (see image above).

Does your website builder allow embedded content?

Not all website builders allow embeds based on the plan you selected. Make sure that your website builder/plan allow embeds and that the settings are set correctly for embeds to appear. Another example is Wordpress requiring a plugin to be activated before you can embed a Kumu map. You can search online or in their plugin database for the right plugin to use.

Check your accepted cookies.

You know those pesky cookie-popups that appear on every website you visit, asking you whether you accept these cookies? Well, they can interfere with the content you can see. Some browsers can only show Kumu embedded content on the website if all cookies are accepted. So if you haven't accepted third-party cookies, then the Kumu map will give an error. Make sure to accept all cookies on your website, and refresh the page to see if the Kumu map appears.

What error is the website giving?

When you're on your website, click Command + Option + J on your keyboard (or Ctrl + Alt + J for Windows) to open the Console. A window with lots of code/data will open on the right-hand side of your screen. Usually there are some red lines indicating why the website can't show your embed.

Here's an example error:

Not to worry, you won't have to start changing the code for your website! Usually sending this screenshot to your IT department, or to the website builder's customer support chat, will provide you with an answer as to what needs to be changed. Sometimes it's a simple setting, and sometimes your IT department needs to adjust certain security settings for your website.

Still not working?

If after following the steps above, you're embed is still not working, then unfortunately it's difficult for us to come up with other solutions, as the issue is most probably on your website or on your device. We recommend to send a message to your website builder's customer support, or have your IT department take a look at why your Kumu map is not appearing.

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