Table allows you to view and edit your map's underlying data as a spreadsheet. You can access Table by clicking the spreadsheet icon in the lower right corner of your map.

The basics

Click any cell to edit. Click on any value to edit it within the spreadsheet. Depending on the field type, you'll either be able to edit directly within the cell or a modal will appear.

Filter the results. Enter a search term or a selector in the upper left to narrow down the results. The filter will search across all fields included in the table.

Sort a column. Click on the header of any column to sort that column. Click again to reverse the sort order.

Fill down values in bulk. Right click to access the fill down (populate the current value down the entire column) and fill down to value (populate the current value down to the next non-blank cell) options.

Return to your map. Click the "Back to map" link to return to your map. All edits are saved as you make them so you don't need to worry about a separate "save" step.

Adding new elements or connections

You can quickly and easily add new elements or connections by scrolling to the bottom of the table and entering text into the blank row at the bottom.

Make sure to add a label for elements and both from and to for connections or it won't get saved.

Using keystrokes

Table is built for fast navigation using keystrokes.

  • Use the directional arrows to move between cells

  • Hit enter to edit the active cell

  • Hit tab to move horizontally across columns

  • Use ctrl + c to copy and ctrl + v to paste

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