Filters allow you to show and hide elements, connections or loops based on information stored in their fields. This guide will help you master filters, one of the most powerful tools in Kumu!

Before you start: use fields to add additional information to your elements, connections, and loops.

Filter in the Basic Editor

If you've hidden certain elements and connections using the type checkboxes, you can use the Also include tool to bring things back into view. But, you first have to un-check some of the boxes above, or this tool will have no effect.

Use the But ignore tool to hide elements and connections from your map. Anything you add here will override the settings in the checkboxes above and the Also include tool.

Filter in the Advanced Editor

If you prefer working in the Advanced Editor, you can use the include and ignore properties in the @settings block to activate filters. Here's the basic syntax:

@settings {
    include: selector;
    ignore: selector;

You can replace selector with any valid selector. For example, here is the code for a view that includes elements with the element type "Person" but ignores all elements who have no Tags in their profile:

@settings {
    include: person;
    ignore: element[!"tags"];

If you want to include or ignore multiple different selections, you can separate selectors with a comma. Here's the code for a view that includes three different selections:

  1. All connections

  2. All elements with the element type "Organization"

  3. All people with the tag "Board of Directors"

@settings {
    include: connection, organization, element["tags"*="Board of Directors"];

Ignore orphans

You can also use the ignore-orphans property in the @settings block to automatically filter out any elements that have no connections. Possible values for this property are true or false.

@settings {
    ignore-orphans: true;

Activate filter using controls

If you'd like to make it easy for readers to activate filter on their own with predefined options, check out the filter control.

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