Tagged-timeline control

When do you use it?

Filter a network over time using years defined in the tag field.

Note: If you include timeline data using the "tags" field, the controls will provide clickable dates that can be used to filter the map. We recommend using years to define when an element/connection was present. You can supply multiple years to be able to allow disjointed timelines (e.g. 2012, 2013, 2016 for an element that was part of the network until 2013, then left and joined again in 2016).

Want to learn more about why and how to use a Tagged-Timeline Control? Check out this blog.

Advanced Editor

@controls {
  bottom {
    tagged-timeline {
      range: 2000..2016;
      target: element;

Supported properties

  • range defines the years that should be included as clickable links.

  • target defines whether the filter should apply to elements, connections, or loops. To apply the filter to elements and connections, use element,connection;.

  • multiple by default the timeline allows you to select multiple years. Use multiple: false to only allow a single year to be selected instead.

  • default defines which values should be selected by default. Use select-all to select everything by default (or show-all for a similar effect without selecting).

Check out our controls reference to see the full list of properties and values recognized by the tagged timeline control.

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