How do I copy a map to another project?

There's multiple ways to copy a map to another project, or to even merge maps together, depending on what the existing maps look like separately. You can find three options below.

To prevent data loss, we always recommend making a backup of your project before you make any changes. Read how to create a backup here.

1. Copy map to new, empty project

To copy or transfer a map into a brand new project that has no other content inside of it, you can simply fork the original project, then delete any maps and views that you don't need. After deleting any content, it's usually helpful to empty the trash as well. If you take this forking approach, you'll be able to copy not just the map data (elements, connections, and loops), but also the accompanying view.

2. Copy map to existing project with other maps

As you might already know from Kumu's architecture, the data behind your maps and views is all connected and lumped together at the project level. This means that it's technically not possible to export only one map from your project and transfer it to another project. However, we created this handy tool as a workaround: magic map-transferring tool. To copy or transfer a map into an existing project that already has other data inside of it, simply follow the steps given on the tool page.

Two caveats:

  • Make sure the maps that you're bringing into the existing map do not have any elements with the same label, to prevent data from being deleted or overridden. . In this case, please refer to the third option below.

  • This tool doesn't support cases where you fork a project, then update a map, and then need to bring the updated map back into the original project.

3. Merge map with existing map in another project

If you're trying to merge two existing maps together into the same map, things get a bit more complex. The easiest way to do so is to export both maps to Excel, merge the data to make sure there aren't any duplicates, and to then import the merged data back into your Kumu project. Note that this option doesn't allow you to keep your decorations and/or element placement locations (in case of pinned elements.

If you're trying to merge two maps together while keeping their original look & feel, please reach out to, so we can help you move the map and any accompanying views safely, without deleting or overriding data in the target project.

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