How do I delete data from my project?

Whether you want to import an entirely new dataset or just clear out some old elements and connections, you'll need to know how to delete data (elements, connections, loops) from your project.

Here's basic step-by-step:

  1. Open your project and select the data that you want to delete (Tip: to select all data, press A on your keyboard)

  2. Press delete or backspace on your keyboard

  3. When Kumu asks if you're sure you want to delete those items, click Ok

The data will disappear from your map, but it's not gone yet—it still exists in your project's Trash. To delete data from the Trash, follow these additional steps:

  1. Select TRASH from the menu on the left

  2. Use the dropdown menu to review and destroy items individually, or just click Destroy All. After you do this, there's no going back!

Good to know:

  • You can't delete data when Clustering is turned on.

  • If you delete data that exists on another map inside the same project, that data won't get sent to the Trash. The Trash only stores data that is not being used by any map in the project.

  • To bring an element back from the Trash, along with its description, type, tags, or any other data you might have added, just return to your map, click the green + sign, select "Add element", and type the label of the element. Kumu will bring it back with all of its original data.

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