What is Kumu?

Kumu is a powerful visualization platform for mapping systems and better understanding relationships. We blend systems thinking, stakeholder mapping, and social network analysis to help the world’s top influencers turn ideas into impact.

Kumu is a Hawaiian term for "teacher" or "source of wisdom." We're a remote team with roots in Oahu and Silicon Valley. Read more about our story on the About Us page.

Who's using Kumu?

Kumu supports hundreds of organizations across the world to more effectively engage complex issues. Make sure to check out a few of our highlighted case studies:

A tool AND a community

Kumu is more than just a tool. It's also a robust community of do-ers who are paving the way for how to create lasting impact. Don't miss the manifesto and make sure to check out our curated team of expert consultants available to help on your next project called the Kumus.

This is Kumu

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