Advanced Editor hub

One of Kumu's most unique features is the Advanced Editor, which allows you to write code in Kumu's CSS-inspired coding language to control a wide variety of powerful features.

When we wrote these docs, we felt it best to dedicate an article to each individual feature, and explain in that article how you can use both the Basic Editor and the Advanced Editor to control the feature. The downside is that our info on the Advanced Editor is scattered across a lot of different articles!

To solve that, we created this article, which links to all of the places where we explain how to use the Advanced Editor.

We ordered and organized these links based on what we feel is the best path for a structured learning experience.

Advanced Editor basics

* It's best to briefly read about selectors, the selector reference, and the property reference, then frequently revisit those guides while you work with the features listed in the next few sections.

Most commonly used features

Less commonly used features

Fun features for power users!

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