Your Kumu dashboard is where the fun begins! After you sign up for an account or log into your account, you'll be redirected to your personal dashboard:


When you're logged in, you can always find your dashboard at https://kumu.io/dashboard.

In the top left corner of your dashboard, you'll see a few helpful links:

  • Kumu links to Kumu's homepage
  • Docs links to the documentation website that you're visiting right now
  • Help shows you a few ways you can contact real humans to answer your questions
  • Explore links to our community page, where you can search public projects for inspiration

In the top right corner, you'll see a few more links:

Below these links, you'll see the main section of your dashboard, which lists all the projects that you own, as well as the projects you can contribute to. Your own projects will have your avatar next to them, and projects that you don't own will have the avatar of the project owner.

If you're looking for a specific project or group of projects, use the dropdown menus above your project list to filter and sort. Or, if you don't have any projects yet, click the New Project button to get started!

You'll notice that, above the project list and dropdown menus, there are two tabs: Projects and Organizations. Click the Organizations tab to see a list of which organizations you belong to, or create a new organization.

organization tab

Organization dashboard

When you belong to an organization in Kumu, you can view a separate dashboard that belongs to the organization.

organization dashboard

On this dashboard, you can see a list of projects owned by the organization, as well as a list of organization members and teams. For more information about adding members and creating teams, check out the full guide on organizations.

Although your personal dashboard is always accessible from the same link, the link to your organization's dashboard depends on the organization's username. It follows this pattern:


Replace ORG-USERNAME with your organization's username to get a link to your dashboard.

If you're an owner of the organization, you can scroll down on this dashboard to access your settings for branding, tracking, billing, and your organization's profile.

That's it for dashboards! Don't miss our guides on Kumu's other key interfaces, the map editor, view editors, and settings menus

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