When creating a new map, you have the option of picking one of our templates.

Templates provide an easy way to have a great looking map right from the start. Simply choose the template that best fits your use case and we'll add the proper decorations, adjust default settings, and even bootstrap the project with relevant fields.

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System Template

Stakeholder Template

SNA (Social Network Analysis) Template

Custom Template

Switching templates

If you tested out one template, but realized it wasn't right for your project, don't worry—switching to a different template just takes a few clicks!

Click the Settings icon on the right side of your map to open the Basic Editor. Then, click MORE OPTIONS and select Customize view defaults from the list. In the Customize view defaults menu that appears, scroll down to the General settings section.

In that section, you can use the Template dropdown menu to select a different template. Move back to the main Basic Editor panel, then click SAVE to finish the process.

If you've applied a few different templates to test them out, you probably have leftover field values (especially Element Type values) that you aren't using and want to delete. To solve that problem, check out our guide on deleting field values.

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