In Kumu, a slug is a piece of text that has had all letters converted to lowercase, all special characters removed, and all spaces replaced with hyphens. Kumu uses slugs in many different places:

Knowing how to recognize, read, and write slugs is a skill that will come in handy, especially if you work in the Advanced Editor! Here are some sample slugs:

Original text Slug
My First Kumu Project my-first-kumu-project
Honolulu, HI honolulu-hi
Friends don't let friends map alone! friends-dont-let-friends-map-alone
Method and System for Dynamically Creating and Exploring Graph Structures method-and-system-for-dynamically-creating-and-exploring-graph-structures
От Kumu с любовью от-kumu-с-любовью

Create your own slug

Need a slug for your project? Use this tool to create your own:

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