Selector reference

Selectors provide a powerful, friendly way to slice through maps, based on CSS selectors.

If you're familiar with css, you'll feel right at home.

Universal Selector

The universal selector * matches all elements, connections, and loops.

Type Selectors

General:  element, connection, loop
Specific: person, personal-connection

Type selectors come in two flavors: general and specific.


General type selectors match all items within the given collection. All projects share the same three general type selectors: element, connection, and loop.


Specific type selectors are based on the assigned type. An element with type "Person" would be selected using person. A connection with type "Personal" would be selected using personal-connection (just tack "-connection" onto the connection type).

ID Selectors

Informal: #kumu, #honoluluhi
Assigned: #startup-29506
System:   #elem-123, #conn-123, #loop-123

ID selectors come in three flavors: informal, assigned, and system.


Informal ids are just the slugged version of the "label" field. In most cases informal ids will be unique, permanent, and have the added benefit of being naturally descriptive.

Because of their descriptive nature, we strongly recommend using informal ids whenever possible.


If labels may change or simply aren't unique, you can assign your own id to each object through the "id" field. This gives you a unique way to reference each object within your project however you please.

Note: IDs must be strings and should be unique.


System ids are automatically generated and assigned by Kumu. They're guaranteed to be unique and permanent, making them an excellent choice for permalink-style references.

All system ids are prefixed with the collection identifier, followed by a unique random identifier. For example: elem-123, conn-123, and loop-123.

Tag Selectors


Tag selectors match all items tagged with the given value. Make sure to keep your tags short and free from special characters to avoid having to use a formal field selector (see below).

Field Selectors


Field selectors match all items with the given field condition. Kumu supports a number of field operators to match against.




Starts with: [label ^= kumu]
Ends with: [label $= kumu]
Matches: [label *= kumu]
Includes: [skills ~= communication]

Note: the includes operator ~= is only relevant for fields with multiple values (such as tags and skills).


[employees < 10]
[employees > 10]
[employees <= 10]
[employees >= 10]

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