Presentations combine the best of PowerPoint, Prezi, and Kumu into one easy-to-use tool. Combine text, video, images and maps into a single, engaging presentation that anyone can access via URL.

Create a presentation

Presentations can be accessed through the main menu of your project.

presentations interface

Use the plus button in the upper left corner to add a slide. Slides can be one of 4 types:

  • Map
  • Text
  • Image
  • Embed

Map slides

A map slide is any combination of a map and a view. You can choose to have the slide zoom fit by checking the corresponding box, or you can create just the zoom you'd like but zooming in or out.

On a map slide, you can use the dropdown menus above the slide to choose which map and view will be applied. You can pick any map or view in your project.

change presentation view

You can also activate focus or filter for a given map slide, and Kumu will remember those settings. This is a great way to unfold a map step-by-step for your readers.

Text slides

Text slides can include both a title and content. The content section supports markdown so you can also include images and other basic formatting (widgets aren't supported though).

Image slides

Images slides are just like they sound. Include an image URL and we'll present it in full screen glory. You can also choose to include a title.

Embed slides

Embed slides are for interactive web content and support embeds from over 300 different providers. Just add the URL of the content you'd like to embed.

Publish a presentation

Once you're finished creating your presentation, click save and then exit the presentation builder. Click "publish" to publish the presentation and choose whether you'd like to make the presentation public (unless your project is public in which case your presentation is automatically public) or if you'd like to make it even more secure by adding a password.

Embed a presentation

Presentations can also be embedded just like any other Kumu embed: as an iframe on a web page. To get your iframe embed code, just publish your presentation, and Kumu will generate the code for you automatically:

presentation embed code

Copy/paste the code onto your website, and you're visitors will see a fully interactive Kumu presentation!

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