Filters make it easy to show and hide elements, connections or loops based on data stored in the profile. Click the settings button () on the right side of the map and then choose "filter".


If you're filtering by element or connection type, simply uncheck the types you want to hide. To filter using other fields, use the "also include" and "but ignore" fields. Click the rocket icon () to the right of the input of each field to build out the selector for what you want to hide or make visible.

  • Also include If you've hidden certain elements and connections using the type checkboxes, you can use the "also include" field to bring things back into view. So unless you have some types unchecked, this field will have no effect!
  • But ignore Use this field to hide elements and connections from your map. Whatever selector you add here will win out over anything you've set using the checkboxes or the "also include" field.

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