Decorations are powerful ways to change the color and/or size of the element, connections and loops in your map.

Coloring by qualitative fields

If you have a qualitative field like "element type" you'll need to create a decoration for each value. Click "new element rule" and then use the top dropdowns to identify which element type(s) you want to color. Let's use "civic engagement" as an example:

element decoration builder

Next, choose the decoration you'd like to use. For example, you could choose "change color" and then set the color as green (try using #ADB8FB instead of standard green).

The same process applies for connections as well (just choose the "new connection rule" button instead).

Coloring or scaling by quantitative fields

When you have a quantitative field, it makes it even easier to decorate the elements. You might have a "net worth" field and you'd like to scale the size of all the people on the map based on this value. In this case, you'd change the top dropdown to "decorate custom selection" and set it as element type is person. From there, just add the size scale as shown below:

quantitative scale

Coloring by multiple value fields using flags

If you have a qualitative field with multiple values for a single element, you can use flags to decorate an element.

flag decorations

You'll need to switch to the advanced editor and specify the field ("leverage analysis" in this case) and color palette ("neon2").

@settings {
  element-flag: "leverage analysis" with neon2;

You can also manually assign colors to values if you don't want to highlight the whole set.

flag decorations

The pattern is color "value" where color can be a named color or an HTML hex color code (#2dc63f).

@settings {
  element-flag: "leverage analysis" with yellow "bright spot", #2dc63f "frozen";

Decorations are applied top to bottom

You might run into some cases where your decorations compete with one another (you decorated all "people" blue but highlighted those tagged with "influential" orange). Decorations are applied from top to bottom. Simply re-order your decorations by dragging them to achieve the desired result.

Advanced editor

We've intentionally limited the decorations available through the builder to keep the UI simple and avoid overwhelming new users. In order to harness the full power of views, you'll need to roll up your sleeves and do a little coding. Don't be scared! Beneath the surface views are controlled by css and it's a very easy language to learn.

default view

If you're comfortable with CSS, we highly recommend using the advanced editor. Read the advanced editor guide to dive in.

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