Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my maps with others?

Of course! Create an embed to share your map via a link or add a collaborator to your project.

Do you have high resolution screenshots available? Or a PDF?

We offer a paid service ($5 per PDF) to create a PDF of any map. Just send the link of your map to

How can I select all elements on my map? All connections?

Use the a keystroke to select all elements, connections and loops on your map. To select all elements, use shift+e. To select all connections, use shift+c. To select all loops, use shift+l.

Why does my map keep moving?

Kumu has a custom layout engine which attempts to arrange elements in the best possible location. Use the spacebar keystroke to pause the layout. If you'd rather not have the layout change after you're happy with it, select all elements using the a keystroke and then click the pin button in the lower right of the selection profile.

How can I get arrows to show up for the connections on my map?

Use the a keystroke to select all connections. You can then click the direction icon in the lower right of the selection profile and choose directed, mutual, or undirected. If you find yourself needing to do this often, make sure you've set the right default for connection direction in the settings.

Is there a limit to how many collaborators I can have in an account?

Every hosted Kumu account comes with unlimited collaborators. Our Enterprise version is billed in 20-seat packs.

Does Kumu only create curved connections?

By default all connections are curved. You can change the curvature of connections in one of two ways:

  • Dragging connections - For pinned maps only, if you click and drag a connection you'll be able to change the radius of the curve. This is especially useful in system maps when trying to avoid lines crossing each other unnecessarily.
  • Through the settings menu - You can set the default curvature of connections using the settings menu. Simply drag the slider to achieve the curvature you want.

Can I size or color elements based on social network analysis metrics like degree and betweenness centrality?

Yes! Head over to the Network Analysis Guide for more information.

How do I add images to the elements on my map?

To add an image to an element on your map, create an "Image" field and then paste the URL as the value for the given element. Also, if you create an "Email" field and add an email for a given person or company, Kumu will look whether a gravatar exists for that email and if so use that as the image.

Can I create dashed connections?

Yep! When building your connection decoration rule choose the "change style" option and then choose "dashed."

Is it possible to create nested or layered networks?

Yes, we recommend creating separate maps and then using the description to create links to help ease navigation between various levels or layers. Read the markdown guide to learn how to create links to other maps.

Does Kumu integrate with data from other tools/platforms?

Integrations with data from other tools/platforms are in progress. Have a platform you're looking to integrate with? Let us know!

In the meantime, you can always use our handy import feature.

What browsers is Kumu compatible with?

Kumu works with the latest versions of:

Kumu doesn't work with:

  • IE 10 and under
  • Other browsers not listed above

We've built Kumu utilizing the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) to create the best experience possible. Unfortunately many browsers are only beginning to support these fully. If you're not already using one of the recommended browsers above, please use the links to download and install the browser before continuing to use Kumu.

Support for mobile is under development. You'll be able to access Kumu on iOS devices but you'll have the best experience by using Kumu on a laptop or desktop computer with one of the supported browsers.

How do I delete a project?

To delete a project, go to the project menu found in the upper left of your map, then look for the "Admin" section on the left side of that menu. Within the admin section, you'll see a link to "delete a project."

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