How do I add arrows to my connections?

If you want to add arrows to your connections to specify direction, here are a couple ways to do so:

For a single connection

  • Select the connection.
  • Use the "direction" icon in the sidebar menu to specify "Directed", "Mutual", or reverse the connection direction.
  • Click "Directed" to add a connection arrow.

Direction Menu

For all connections

  • Hit a on your keyboard to select all elements and connections.
  • Hit x next to elements to unselect the elements.
  • Click on the "Direction" icon in the sidebar.
  • Click "Directed" to add arrows to all connections.

Note: Kumu recognizes connection direction from your spreadsheet import (from/to columns in your connections sheet) or the direction you draw the connection by hand. This connection direction determines which way arrows point when you specify a "directed" connection.

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