Accounts and plans

There are two types of Kumu accounts that you can own: personal accounts and organization accounts. You can also get the enterprise version of Kumu, which is not just an account or plan—rather, it's a fully separate installation of Kumu on your own private servers.

This guide will explain the differences between these three options—if you're not sure which is the right choice for you, you're in the right place!

Personal accounts

Personal accounts are a great fit for individuals working on their own projects, collaborating with a few other people, or being invited to collaborate on someone else's project. Personal accounts are also a good option for teams of people that only have one designated Kumu expert, who builds and manages all of the Kumu projects for the team.

Anyone can sign up for a free personal account to create and own unlimited public projects—we love it when you share your work! Private projects are a paid service, and we've listed the pricing options in the table below. After you sign up for your free account, you can go to your account settings to select a paid plan.

Not sure which type of project you need? Check out our guide on collaborating and sharing to learn the key differences between public and private projects.

Note: You need to create a personal account (either free or paid) in order to create and own an organization account. Even if you think an organization account is the right option for you, be sure to sign up for your personal account first.

Personal plans

Plan Monthly Price Private projects
Master $49 10
Journeyman $34 5
Apprentice $23 3
Junior $9 1
Free $0 0

Organization accounts

Kumu's organization accounts are a great fit for teams of people that have several active Kumu users. Organization accounts are also really useful when you're creating Kumu projects for clients, and you'd like your clients to be able to check in on your progress and give feedback.

When you own an organization account, you can add other people to your organization (or invite your team via email) and assign one of two roles to those people:

  • Owners can add new members, and they have full access to everything within the organization. The creator of the organization account is an Owner by default. Owners also have admin access to update billing and profile information.
  • Members can see a list of all projects owned by the organization, and they can create new projects, but they can only open projects they've been given access to.

For every project owned by your organization account, you have full control over whether people can view, edit, or administrate the project. For more details on how to fine-tune project access, check out our full guide on organizations.

As an added bonus, you can upload your own logo to appear on your projects' loading screen and as a watermark on shared & embedded maps. You can also use Google Analytics tracking tools to monitor who is viewing your maps, what they're clicking on, and when that is happening.

Just like personal accounts, organization accounts can be created for free, and can own unlimited public projects. Private projects are a paid service, and we've listed the pricing options in the table below.

Organization plans

Plan Monthly Price Private projects
Large $499 50
Medium $299 20
Small $179 10
Micro $99 5
Nano $59 3
Free $0 0

Enterprise version

The Enterprise version of Kumu is the right choice for teams that are working with highly sensitive data that should only be accessed through private servers, rather than through Kumu's cloud-based system. Enterprise versions are also a great option for teams that are legally required to store their data in a specific geographic location (Kumu's cloud-based system stores data across the world).

Note that the Enterprise version is not an account or plan, rather, it's a fully separate installation of Kumu. When you have an Enterprise version installed on your servers, you can create unlimited personal and organization accounts within that version, and each account can own unlimited private and public projects.

Enterprise licensing starts at $79/user/month, billed annually, with a minimum of 5 seats—in other words, Enterprise starts at $4,740 annually. Additional seats can be purchased in packs of 5.

To get started with a 45-day free trial of Enterprise, fill our our short inquiry form. If you need with installing, configuring, or upgrading your Enterprise version, check out our full Enterprise guides.

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