@settings reference

In the Advanced Editor, the @settings block can be used to tweak default settings and add all kinds of powerful features to your view.

The @settings block supports all decoration properties listed in the property reference, as long as you prefix each property with one of the following:

  • *- if you want to apply the rule to all items
  • element- to apply the rule to elements only
  • connection- to apply the rule to connections only
  • loop- to apply the rule to loops only

But, @settings also supports its own list of exclusive properties. The table below lists all properties that can be used exclusively inside an @settings block, describes their effect on the view, and lists valid values for each property (when there are multiple valid values, we've listed them as separate snippets of inline code).

There are just few more things you should know about the valid values listed below:

Where you see... You can use...
selector Any selector
color Any CSS web color or hex color code
number Any number
'field name' The name of any of your fields, wrapped in single or double quotes
element type Any text/string value

All values are unitless.

Supported properties

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