Organizations allow multiple users to manage and contribute to a shared account. All work within an organization is done by individual members of the organization. There's no way to sign in as an organization directly.

Creating an organization

Go to your personal dashboard, then navigate to the Organizations tab and click the New Organization button.

Adding users to an organization

Users can be added to organizations as owners, members, or guests. Before a user can be added to a team, they must first be added to the organization.

  • Owners can access all projects, add new members to the organization, edit the organization's profile, and manage billing information.
  • Members can create new projects, organize themselves into teams, see the names of all teams and projects, and access any projects they've explicitly been given access to.
  • Guests can only see the teams and projects they've explicitly been given access to.

Team-based access

Once added to the organization, users can then be organized into teams. Access to projects is managed through teams, and organization members can be members of multiple teams. Teams can have view, edit, or admin rights to a project, or no access at all.

Once you've created teams, click on the project and grant access to each team by choosing view, edit or admin.

Converting an existing account to an organization

If you would like to convert your personal account to an organization account, please email

If you would like to transfer a project to an organization account, see more info here.

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