How do I add images to my elements?

Building a map by hand

If you are building a map by hand, add a Field entitled "Image". Then, add the public URL for the image in the "Image" field for each element.

You can also easily upload an image file from your computer directly to Kumu. Just click the "select a file" link when editing the element image.

Gif showing how to upload an image to Kumu

You can upload images to descriptions as well. Look for the link right below the description once you click to edit the description.

Note: Only jpeg, png, and gif files smaller than 5mb are supported at this time.

Building a map via spreadsheet import

If you are using a spreadsheet import to create your map, make sure to add an "Image" column in the the "Elements" sheet. In the "Image" column, add the public URL for the image that you want to appear for that element.

See also: Profiles documentation

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