How do I avoid duplicate elements in imports?

If you find duplicate elements or connections in your map, make sure you understand that we reconcile elements in spreadsheet imports by both label AND type. This means that the following import structure would create two different elements:

Label Type
Abracadabra Person
Abracadabra Organization

It also means that if you edit the label or type of any element in your spreadsheet and then just re-import the file, you'll get a duplicate element.

Things to remember:

  • If you edit the label or type for any element in your spreadsheet and re-import, that will create a duplicate element. To avoid this, either edit the label/type directly in Kumu or delete that element and empty the trash before re-importing.
  • If you need to have elements with the same label AND type, you need to use custom IDs to prevent those elements from being combined into a single element.
  • If you find you’re creating a lot of duplicate elements in your iterative process of building the map, consider using our google sheets integration, which will keep things up to date as you go.
  • To remove duplicates, check out these steps.

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